GIOfest XV - Livestream 

GIOfest XV Livestream Feed

Live broadcast times:

Wednesday 30 November

7.30-10pm GMT:
Usui Yasuhiro with GIO
Usui Yasuhiro solo
Alipio C Neto
Folding Space / Folding Time - Jessica Argo

Thursday 1 December

7.30-10pm GMT:
Yasuko Kaneko with GIO
Australian Art Orchestra
An Exchange of Shifting Pressures - Ann Pearce
(CCA Theatre)

Friday 2 December

7.30-10pm GMT:
In Media Res - Mario & Gerry Rossi
Sia Ahmad
Yasuko Kaneko solo
Concerto for Virtualities and Orchestra - Maria Sappho
(CCA Theatre)

Saturday 3 December

7.30-10pm GMT:
GIO Small Groups curated by Corey Mwamba
(CCA Theatre)