GIOfest XV - Maggie Nicols 

Maggie Nicols is a quietly powerful and highly influential voice whose presence has spanned the evolution of British free music from her joining the Spontaneous Music Ensemble in 1968 onwards, right up to the present day and her very first solo album appearing earlier this year via Café Oto’s Takoroku imprint (also the source of a great trio recording with Maggie, Joëlle Léandre and Roger Turner). Part of the magic of hearing Maggie, either solo or as part of an ensemble, is that she draws music from the very quotidian and seemingly mundane, turning everyday life and surrounding inanimates into fully realized and enveloping flights of musical fancy that combine a diversity of reference points from her rich artistic life. Truly a unique voice, she is also a regular member of GIO and has worked with John Russell, Keith Tippett, Julie Tippetts and countless others.