GIOfest XIV - The Noisebringers 

This trio was said to have formed by mistake and is led by GIO’s regular collaborator (pianist and non-composer) Maria Sappho. As conceptual and playful as they are serious and explorative, The Noisebringers throw an oblique and penetrating question mark across the whole idea of how to approach free music.

International improvisation collective The Noisebringers bring noise in all possible and unimaginable areas: music, objects, art, games, performances, books, poetry, and more. The three members of the collective, Brice Catherin, Maria Sappho and Henry McPherson have decided that love is more important than music: love for life, friendship, creation, fables, mythology, speculative storytelling, transformation. They love, laugh, create, and think inside out together, and they will do all this and more with GIO.

With the aid of a series of possibly real persons, The Noisebringers will take the audience on a hyperreal sightseeing tour of Hur Earth; a world much like our own, but which is built from the dreams of those who improvise, whose borders are not solid and whose citizens are not restricted to sense making nor linear time. In order to travel to Hur Earth safely, the Noisebringers will summon powerful telecorporeal guides to conduct the crossing from here to there, and who will instruct us all – in songs, silence, noise and nonsense – on the things we forgot we were questioning (because forgetting is an easy thing to do). Join them on an extravagant confessional post-apocalyptic cabaret of improvised dreams.

The Noisebringers are ecstatic to welcome the artistic collaborations of Rachel Joy Weiss, whose technomagical wisdom will facilitate the more complex aspects of the transgalactic travel you will embark on in order to reach Hur Earth (if you come) (if you don’t come you will be logged in the book of missed noise experiences, it’s not a bad thing, but it will always show up on your record).

In the interests of fairness and equality in preparation for the journey, the Noisebringers advise that those wishing to attend the event on Friday familiarise themselves with some of the most notable individuals from Brasgravian History: