GIOfest XIII - Rachel Joy Weiss 

Rachel Weiss is a composer, opera singer, vocal artist, interdisciplinary artist and an educator. As a composer, she has created original music that meditates a strong connection to philosophical discourses and contemporary technologies. Her work expands the conventional composition to dedicated explorations of micro-tonal scales, extended vocal techniques, multi-cultural dimensionalities, and interdisciplinary art. As a vocalist, Rachel puts great emphasis on creating new techniques for original vocal improvisation performances. Her creative practice spans across a wide range of genres and disciplines, experimenting with spaces on the border between traditional western-eastern music and multidisciplinary art forms such as sound installation, performance art and interactive multimedia. As a visual artist, Rachel had created and displayed worldwide audio-visual installations, interactive sculptures, audio-visual video-art, graphic visual scores, property design etc. Rachel had performed with world-renowned orchestras, with a background of an opera singer, she performed from contemporary and traditional classic repertoire to cross over genres such as jazz, pop/rock and world music. She collaborated with international musicians working across the spectrum of contemporary music, including Omer Welber, Robert Black, Noam Sheriff, Ronen Shapira, Juraj Kojs, Micha Shitrit and more.