GIOfest XIII - Improvisers Ensemble IE 

Improvisors Ensemble IE, (IE is the Welsh way of saying Yeah, pronounced eeyeh with the emphasis on EE) has for several years been hosted by Maggie Nicolson (aka Nicols) in deepest West Wales. The ensemble has provided a space for musicians, dancers, writers and artists to come together and explore the edges where composition and improvisation meet or diverge. It has drawn participants from all over Wales, the UK and further afield.

For GIOfest XIII the group will perform the piece ‘Word Play’ developed from an idea of word use by Anna Savage and a structure based on a Tom Nunn exercise.

The line up for this performance will be:
Maggie Nicolson - voice/piano
Guillemo Torres - voice/clarinet/electric piano/adapted pocket trumpet
Faradena Afifi - voice/cello/violin/kick bag
Claire Turner - voice/cello
Marilyn Collins - voice/harmonica
Maria Portugal -voice/percussion/drums
Chris Parfitt - voice/flute
Fran Bass - voice/electric bass

Regular members but unable to attend due to internet issues:
Ferdinand Bergstrom
Katerina Koblizek
Petra Schmidt
Catriona Fothergill
Ana Louise Oakland