GIOfest XIII - The Gathering 

The Gathering is a space, place and time where we can build up confidence in our creativity; where we can sit in silence, sing, play an instrument, draw, be poetic, prophetic; we could talk in tongues, talk to each other, to ourselves, talk to voices. We can listen, make sounds, melodies and noise, soft and loud; leave space, fill it up; explore rhythm and time, chaos and rhyme; lullabies and laments; shyly and boldly be in our different rhythms together. Be with whatever arises
- Maggie Nicols

Literally hundreds of people have graced The Gathering with their presence since it’s birth in London in 1991 . These 14 people are those who were present for either one or both of two 40 minute free zoom sessions on Friday 6th of November, 2020, edited to ten minutes and three seconds by Katerina Koblizek, Maggie Nicols & Ludek Salac, all part of one household. It felt important to feature the different elements which so often make up the creatively crazy mix of ongoing longer ‘happenings’ which could not really be captured in an unedited ten minute extract.

The Gathering participants for GIOfest XIII :-

Avril Yospa - voice & guitar
Chris Parfitt - voice, flute & saxophones
Faradena Afifi - voice, viola & double bass
Ferdinand Bergstrom - guitar
Fran Bass - bass guitar
George Perendia - painting
Guillermo Torres - voice, synthesiser & clarinet
Heather Summers - violin
Katerina Koblizek - voice, guitar & olitar
Ludek Salac - guitar & alvin pipe
Maggie Nicols - voice & keyboard
Maria Portugal - drums & percussion
Mathew Randle - voice, violin, flute & painting
Rachelle Allen-Sherwood - painting & flute