GIOfest XIII - Alipio C Neto 

Brazilian musician Alipio C Neto relocated to Portugal in 1997 to continue his studies in music and literature and to further develop his interest and involvement in improvised music, leading to his by-now mile long list of collaborators and partners that includes Alvin Curran, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Mike Cooper, Mark Sanders and countless others. His latest album ‘Bora: Blasts Of Chance’ sees Alipio and his sax as part of a trio blowing holes in a club in Slovenia.

“When Neto finally solos, he’s a radical melodist, creating a continuum of abrasions and graces, building from great low blasts through sudden upper-range skitters and hollow-voiced mid-range lines….each of Neto’s compositions contain multiple themes that are welded together by the ensemble, often creating a feeling suspended between through-composition and collective improvisation. Clearly every player here is engaged by Neto’s intensity of purpose.” Stuart Broomer, Signal to Noise