GIOdynamics is a monthly improvised open mic night started in Oct 2018.

The night is open to everyone to take part or watch. It is our belief that it is not important how much experience you have with improvising. We welcome everyone to come and take part. The night is curated by Jer Reid who arranges the players into various small groups who play for 7-10 minutes each. People from all musical backgrounds take part so there is great mix of musical backgrounds and reference points.

That’s what we love about it!

The night originally took place at Nice N Sleazy on the 2nd Monday of the month but since August 2020 it has been taking place online. Still on the 2nd Monday of each month. The evenings at Nice N Sleazy started with an invited guest or guests doing a small opening set but since moving online we don’t have a guest to start. Some guests we had were: Corey Mwamba, Luke Sutherland, Kim Moore, Ceylan Hay, Danielle Price, Diljeet Kaur Bhachu, Nerea Bello & Simon Kirby, Sue MacKenzie, Semay Wu, Sebastian Lexer.

Jer Reid has been a member of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra since 2014. He has performed and led workshops in improvising for over twenty years. With Solène Weinachter he started the music/ dance improvising group Collective Endeavours in 2011 which through it’s rigour and the diverse viewpoints of it’s members was instrumental in shaping his approach to improvising.