GIO has delivered early years music workshops for many schools across Scotland in Glasgow, Falkirk, Edinburgh, Dumfries and Galloway councils as well as UNESCO City of Music days in Glasgow from 2014-2017. The CCA have hosted over ten years of GIObabies creative music workshops for children from 0-5. GIO have collaborated with national organisations such as Chamber Music Scotland and Serious Music.

Young children are natural improvisers and are happy to experiment with sound and music. GIO believe that everybody is musical and so give an educational experience where everyone has creative input as equals to make new music. Various techniques have been developed to deliver improvisation to children of this age including graphic scores, conduction.

Music improvisation is also the vehicle for cross-disciplinary collaboration. Recent projects have explored creative music and movement. There is an ongoing project exploring improvisation with picturebooks which has been identified as developing literacy and the Gaelic language with Glasgow Gaelic Nursery School.

See a GIObabies festival workshop here: